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A personal testimonial of support for the Kernel program


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Kernel is a transformative fellowship by Gitcoin for startups and individuals interested in the web3 space (with diverse backgrounds and niches). The curriculum fuses philosophy and metta-world-views with cutting edge technology, information and opportunities. Davis Pfund & I were invited to participate in the block 3 cohort, where we made many connections and a few friends that joined our community discord already! I highly recommend this to anyone that is working on a project that may incorporate blockchain, even if you’re not sure what or how. Some people had developed projects, some people just had an idea. Either is okay. And the lifelong connections/resources you will gain are invaluable in my opinion.

We were invited into the community from our dear friend @sriharikapu because of our interest & work with blockchain, especially in honoring more human connection & land regeneration through experiences. Kernel has taught me the importance of sharing ideas & resources to a group of people with similar interests. Most of the calls are recorded in case you can’t make them. Although joining live has it’s benefits because they are engaging with 100 other very talented people learning with you. It’s hard to put into words the potential for abundance when you go through a program like this, in an eco-system with abundance airdrops, & fruitful grants, ideas that are executed with purpose to create a public good have a good chance of getting funded. Please consider supporting your growth and the entire eco-system through this referral link to the apply!

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