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Crowd funding the planting of millions of trees across the world


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This past 2020 was my first time seeding pecan and chestnut trees from nuts I collected this past fall. We all could be doing so much more for the earth and I am always scheming up ideas to plant more trees. I really think that web3 and crypto currency will help enable us to fund the regeneration of this earth. A number of years ago I came up with the idea to register planttrees.eth which is an ens domain that allows you to create an ethereum wallet tied to a name. This allows participants to…

How you can level up your web3 knowledge

A personal testimonial of support for the Kernel program


2-Minute Read

Kernel is a transformative fellowship by Gitcoin for startups and individuals interested in the web3 space (with diverse backgrounds and niches). The curriculum fuses philosophy and metta-world-views with cutting edge technology, information and opportunities. Davis Pfund & I were invited to participate in the block 3 cohort, where we made many connections and a few friends that joined our community discord already! I highly recommend this to anyone that is working on a project that may…

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